Born and raised in Lentini (Sicily), Giuseppe honed his skills through vast experiences he captured in photographs and heartfelt stories that had significant impact on him as he filmed their emotive content. After extensive travel throughout Europe and other parts of the globe, he eventually landed in New York, where for a while he studied English and then dabbled in teaching film classes. He realized he didn’t need a diploma to start his own company, Art Motion Pictures, a media production company that brings to life the light, truth, and vulnerability in all aspects of our daily lives. Giuseppe instinctively captures raw emotion in whatever project he is working on. Some of his noted works earned him titles such as; Award-winning cinematographer of Golden Panda at the Sichuan TV Festival in China for his documentary Last Stop, produced by RAI Cinema. He started his collaboration with the photography company Magnum Photos, filming a series of documentaries on iconic masters such as Elliott Erwitt, Bruce Gilden, Steve McCurry and Thomas Hoepker. His work has been shown in major international film festivals: Tribeca with the feature Movie, Blackout in 2008. In 2009 at the Venice Film Festival with the documentary Ward 54, and 2011 with the documentary Dante Ferretti, Production Designer featuring Martin Scorsese and Julie Taymor, shown at MOMA. Deeply moved by all that is happening in the world today, Giuseppe continues to look for the right story to tell, but more often than not, the story finds Giuseppe!